Here at First Baptist Church of Tyrone, we prize membership. We see the outworking of God's work in us through our lives together. The Bible is filled with the language of us belonging together and we seek to honor that with a serious joy. When you join FBCT, you are joining something special, you are joining a family that is intending to see you conformed to Jesus Christ and useful in his hands as we make and grow disciples together.

Since we take this with a serious joy, joining our family means that you commit with us to flesh out what it means to follow Jesus through biblical community as we partner with God in his mission locally and abroad. This is done through our spiritual responsibility to one another, submission to the ones God will hold accountable to shepherd, and actively engage in his mission to the world, locally and globally.

As you consider becoming a member of FBCT, we offer a membership class that covers what it means to be a covenant member as well as the purpose, vision, mission, and theological beliefs that we hold. This class is the first step in our membership process and a great way to get to know us.

our process

Preliminary Questions before membership:

  1. Have you entered into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ?
  2. Have you been baptized by immersion as a born again believer of Jesus Christ?

The Process:

  1. Attend our membership class
  2. Review our statement of faith and membership covenant
  3. Fill out our membership questionnaire
  4. Our pastor will follow up with you to finalize the membership process

Statement of Faith

Membership Covenant

Membership Questionnaire

Membership class

We would love to have you join us for our next membership class. In this class we will look at the purpose, mission, and vision of FBCT, what we believe, our philosophy of ministry, how it all comes together, and what it means to really belong to a local church. This is a  great opportunity to get to know more about us and the first step in our membership process. A meal is provided.

Membership Class Registration