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We are excited to host all of the kids in our community at this year's VBS with an exciting time of Bible lessons and activities. But unlike years past, we are going to do things a little differently this time. Historically, Vacation Bible Schools have largely focused on kids teaching them the Bible, creating a fun and exciting environment, and helping them build memories for a whole week.

We are going to spread our time out over four Wednesdays, July 10, 17, 24, and 31, and we are adding something for the parents. We all know that raising kids come with some of the most treasured times as well as it's own challenges, whether that be in our marriages, parenting, or even finances.

So we are introducing classes to assist parents in raising their kids and dealing with some of life's realities. We will have three offerings this year: FINANCES, CHILD SUCCESS, and PARENTING. Our aim is to look at the word of God and glean what He teaches us on these subjects so that you can be best equipped as you care for your home and children.

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Dinner will be provided each night.

Menu and Classes for Parents:

  • July 10 - Hot Dogs & Ice Cream | Parenting God's Way pt. 1
  • July 17 - Pizza & Ice Cream | Parenting God's Way pt. 2
  • July 24 - Chicken Tenders & Ice Cream | Finances God's Way
  • July 31 - Something Yummy | Helping Your Child Succeed in School