What to Expect at FBCTyrone

Q. What should I expect when I arrive at FBCTyrone on Sunday morning?

A.  Our goal at FBCTyrone is to make everyone know and feel the reality of God's love in Jesus Christ. You can expect to see lots of friendly faces ready to welcome you, to love you as they are loved by God, to answer your questions, or to lead you in the right direction. 

Q. Where should I park? What entrance do I come in?

A.  Feel free to park anywhere in our lot and enter in any of our three main entrances.  The Children and Family Welcome Entrance is located in the rear of the building.  You will find guest and visitor parking in our front lot.  The front entrance leads directly into our Worship Center; the other entrances are most convenient for Sunday Morning Small Groups.

Q. Will I fit in at FBCTyrone?

A.  FBCTyrone is a loving community of diverse individuals of all ages from different backgrounds that come together to worship God.  It doesn't matter who you are or where you are from, you are always welcome at FBCTyrone.

Q. What should I expect during the service?

A. We are an unconventional church utilizing a blended format of worship that includes hymns, choruses, scripture reading, and prayer to prepare the hearts of worship participants to hear relevant, truthful, and biblical preaching.  We believe the apex of this worship experience is our personal response to God and His message to us individually that produces spiritual life transformation. 

It is in experiencing the fullness of God's love that we find our true selves and purpose.

Q. What does FBCTyrone offer for children?

A.  We offer a fun and safe atmosphere for children of all ages. Nursery is provided for birth to 4 years of age. Children's Small Groups are provided at 9:30 am hour for all ages (infant through youth), and Children's Church is provided for prekindergarten through 5th grade during Worship Service starting at 10:45 am.    

Q.  How often is communion observed?  Can I participate?

A.  At FBCTyrone, we celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us by observing communion on at least a quarterly basis (or as often as the Spirit leads). Everyone who is willing to acknowledge Christ's mission to reconcile people to God as Savior and Lord is welcome to participate in this significant and commemorative experience.  

Q. What denomination is FBCTyrone?

A. FBCTyrone is a member church of the Southern Baptist Convention.  However, people of all backgrounds continue making their home at FBCTyrone.  

Q.  I have attended several services.  Now what?

A.  First - we encourage you to try our worship counterpart that helps prepare our members and guests for the most transformative experience: it's called Small Groups (9:30 am). We have Small Groups for all ages - from children to senior adults. The curriculum for adult Small Groups are lessons that incorporate FBCTyrone weekly Daily Devotions with

the main focus of that morning's sermon in a discussion-oriented exchange. In this way, participants experience truth in life, deepening relationships, assimilation, spiritual challenge, and the greatest understanding of the scripture passage. Combined with the sermon, this sets all worshippers up for deep application of truths, transformation in personal lives, and fruitful responses to God as the culmination of the entire Sunday experience.  

A. Second - we believe that the Holy Spirit is responsible for "placing" members in FBCTyrone as a local body of Christ (1Corinthians 12:18). If you are considering membership, we encourage you in several endeavors: 1) make an appointment with the pastor to explore the meaning and purpose of membership, 2) talk to members about their experience at FBCTyrone to gain insight and perspective, and 3) ask the Spirit whether this is the church He has chosen for you (and vice-versa). We are already praying for you!