Sunday Small Groups

(9:30 am – 10:30 am)

“…Sharing life and faith experiences splices together group members so completely that the end result is the “threefold cord” that is not easily separated of infiltrated by the world. Sunday Small…”

  • Adult Sunday Small Groups

                Each of our five different Adult Small Groups involve reading, studying and discussing the sermon scripture passage for that day. These discussion-oriented groups benefit from a large group time of introduction to the scripture and truths before they break out for their own questions, discussions and study time.  Each Small Group also shares prayer requests, testimonies of God’s provision and stories of sharing Jesus Christ with others during the week.

                We find that connecting the Small Group curriculum to the worship message focuses our energies to get more out of the whole Sunday morning experience: we gain deeper insights into the specific passage, better understanding that leads to spiritual maturity, and greater life transformation.

  • Youth Sunday Small Group

    Our Youth Sunday Small Group allows teens (6th – 12th grades) to learn and share about life with Jesus in the safety of a confidential, nurturing environment. Teens encourage each other to walk in loving faithfulness with God, to share Christ in responsible and sensitive ways with others, and to stand strong in God’s righteousness daily – often against waves of popular but ungodly choices.

  • Children (K – 5th grades)

    Our Children (K – 5th grades) learn about God in age-appropriate lessons reinforced by fun activities, games and crafts. They are taught to love Jesus and each other, to utilize the Spirit and scriptures for daily help, and to understand the Gospel message, its personal application in their lives, and the reality of entering into eternal life with God through repentance from sin and faith in Jesus alone for salvation.

  • INfant – Pre-kindergarten

    Our Preschoolers (Infant – Prekindergarten) are involved in learning through guided play. Our teachers share foundational biblical truths at every opportunity as they connect with children individually and according to their needs and levels of development.